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Articles of Volume8 Issue8(7) 2019

1. An Investigation of Factors Affecting Students’ Development in Reading Comprehension : Bunno Bedele Zone, Chora High School Grade 9 Students in Focus

Daniel Degefe

Sri Aurobindo’s Synthesis of Hindu – Christian Fundamental Notions pdf

2. Entrepreneurial Intention: A Study Among Students of Bali Tourism Institute

Ni Made Sri Rukmiyatia and Ni Made Suastini

3. Impact of Tourism Development on Economics, Social and Environment in Bali Province

Putu Putra Astawa and I Nyoman Mahaendra Yasa

4. The Impact of E-Wom Instagram to Tourists Intention to Visit Thematic Cafe in Bali through Destination Image as Intervening Variable - Case Study: Students of Petra Christian University Surabaya

Devi Destiani Andilas, Elyta Febrina Kristianto and Sherlyana Wijayanti

5. The Relevance of Buddhist Social Ethics for Welfare and Happiness in Contemporary Society


6. The Perceptions of Tourists towards the Personal Hygiene and Grooming of the Homestay Employees in Ubud and Peliatan

Ida Ayu Kalpikawati

7. Efforts to Improve Work Spirit by Job Promotion and Physical Work Environment in SME Employees in Bali

Anak Agung Ketut Sriasih,I Ketut Yudana Adi and I Made Hedy Wartana

8. Effect of Intellectual Capital and Debt to the Value of Company in the Fields of Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange

Ni Luh Riska Yusmarisa

9. Hygiene and Sanitation in Artne (Art & Netra=Blind) Coffee in Tabanan Regency, Bali

Ni Putu Eka Trisdayanti

10. MOOCs in Digital Age: Exploring new Dimensions of Teaching & Learning

Rusha Mudgal and Pooja Rana

11. Experiential Pilgrim's Influence on the Intention to Travel Umrah

Siti Rahayu and Sugeng Hariadi

12. Participation of the Local Community in the Development of Pandawa Beach Tourism Area

Putu Ayu Aryasih

13. Entrepreneurial Business Sustainability: Knowledge and Family Support in West Java, Indonesia

Hariandy Hasbi, Suharyanto and Neng Riny Rahmawati

14. The Collaboration of Local Community and Regional Government in Development of Julah Cultural Village

I Made Arya, Kadek Wiramarta and Ni Putu Rika Sukmadewi

15. Feature Extraction Techniques in Speech Identification: Review

Riddhi Pandya, Piyush Sharma, luv Sharma and Isha Suwalka

16. Development of Project Based Learning Model Based on Lesson Study to Improve Interest of Entrepreneurship, Learning Outcomes, and Creativity of Students

I Wayan Suryanto , Ni Made Erpia Ordani Astuti and I Gusti Ayu Agung Sinta Diarini

17. Revitalisation Model of Tourism Area Based on Sustainable Eco-Cultural in Payangan Gianyar Bali

Made Yudi Darmita and Made Suastika

18. Identification of Eight Ergonomic Aspects for Acceleration of the Implementation of Halal Assurance System (HAS)

Wahyu Susihono. Dewi Irwanti and Iis Istianah

19. Jogging Track Development Strategy in Borderline River / Tukad Yeh Poh Dalung Villages a Leading Tourist Attraction Badung Regency, Bali

I Gusti Agung Bagus Widiantara, I Putu Agus Suarsana Ariesta, I Made Suwitra Wirya and Yunik Anggreni

20. A Survey Concerning the Security Challenges and Counteract in IoT

Rethishkumar S and R.Vijayakumar

21. The Role of Work Satisfaction Mediation on the Effect of Motivation Toward Staffs’ Work Performance of Canggu Customary Village LPD

I Putu Santika,Ni Luh Sili Antari and I Nyom Ansiana

22. Investigating Push and Pull Factors of Tourists Visiting Bali as a World Tourism Destination

I Nengah Subadra, I Ketut Sutapa, I Wayan Arta Artana, L.K.Herindiyah Kartika Yuni and Made Sudiarta

23. The Role of Product Innovation in Mediating the Relationship Between Customer Relationship Marketing and Competitiveness of Small-Medium Industry (UKM) in Bali

Luh Komang Candra Dewi, Augusto Da Conceicao Soares and Dewiwati Sujadi

24. Mind Mapping Learning Model on English Profession Subject Towards Hospitality Students’ Entrepreneurship

Ni Nyom Annidya Trianingrum,Sulistyoadi Jokosaharjo,Ni Wayan Mekarini and Ni Luh Komang Julyanti Paramita Sari

25. Women and Sanitation: A Study Among Women Cleaners of Dibrugarh University in Assam

Maloy Gogoi

26. Generation Z and Green Hotel Practices

Diena Mutiara Lemy, Stevano Putra Hardianto and Yukojulita

27. Law and Art of Recording Light

Kritika Agarwal

28. Effect of Yogic Training on Physical Fitness Among High School Girls

K.Ashok and A.Pallavi

29. Growth Performance of Cassava Production in Thailand

Vilas Bhikaji Khandare and Pholwat Choomsook

30. Factors are Considered by Spiritual Tourist Traveling in Tirta Empul Tampaksiring, Gianyar

Ni Made Hartini and Nimade Dwimaharani Dewi

31. Analysis of Workers Work Load on Plating Process on American Service at Kitchen of Villa Air Bali Boutique Resort and Spa Canggu-Bali

N.k Dewi Irwanti , M. Yusuf, Wahyu Susihono and Ni Nyoman Rusmiati

32. Brand Loyalty Model for Developing Potential Tourist Attraction at Tangkup Village in Karangasem Bali

I Made Bayu Wisnawa, Putu Agus Prayogi and I Ketut Sutapa

33. Halal Tourism Development Strategy by Optimizing Creative Industry in Bogor - Case Study : Bangbarung Area

Dina Hariani and Seruni Dinitri

34. Bringing Indonesia Hospitality to the World Through Five Sense Concept: Case Study of Garuda Indonesia Airline’s services

Boedi Priantoro

35. Embracing top Talents of Millennial Through Employee Retention Program

I Gusti Ayu Putu Wita Indrayani

36. Theeran Chinnamalai- An Icon of Freedom Movement in Kongu Region, Tamilnadu, South India (1756 - 1805)

A .Manimekalai and S.Shabir Ahamed

37. On Weakly Generalized Close Sets With Respect to an Ideal

N.Seena and T.Asir

38. Ambedkar's Perception on Religion and Society in Buddhism

Yugendar Nathi

39. Gandhi and Nehru Perceptions on Indian Village Society

B. Sudarshan

40. Influence of information technology on the role of law college librarian's

Girish T.S.

41. Problems of Street Vendors in Pondicherry

K Dhamodharan


Dr.Govindappa.D and Mamta Mallikarjun

43. Effect of Substrate on Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Zinc Oxide Thin Films Grown By Chemical Bath Deposition Technique

N. T. Shimpia, M. S. Shindeb, P. B. Ahirraoc

44. Economic and Political Thoughts of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar A Contemporary Relevance

Kalvakunta Ramakrishna

45. A Comparative Study on Human Rights Awareness Among Teachers Belonging to JNVs and GSSs of Uttarakhand

B.C. Shah and Geeta Rawat Shah

46. Sports Marketing and Glamour in Sports is Developing in the Shadow of Physical Education

Rakesh Kumar Yadav and Somanpreet Singh

47. HRM An Empirical Study in Select Indian Organizations

Ranjeet M

48. Influence of Spectator Essays on Sakshi Essays

G. Shravan Kumar and Azeezuddin Mehmood

49. A Study on Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility in India's Financial Services Industry

Achumi Ezung

50. Unlocking Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's Role in Regional Development

Suman Sonkar

51. The Concept of Pramanya in Indian Epistemology

V. Sujata Raju

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