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Articles of Volume12 Issue5(3) 2023

1. Stock Price Prediction – Machine Learning

Pankaj Kumar Ram, Archana, and Kapil Saini


2. An Empirical Study on the Awareness on NEP 2020 [National Education Policy] and Its Effects on the Stakeholders

Aparajita Ekka and Patcha Bhujanga Rao


3. History of Urbano in Kancheepuram, Madurai, and Karur Cities

C. Shreenidhi and Mrs. K Arul Mary


4. The Student’s Choice on Doing Post-Graduation

Della Raju and Detto Raju


5. Design & Simulation of C Band Planar Microwave Filter for Wireless Application

Dhara Vithalapara and Narendrasinh Gohil


6. Role of Warliart Appreciation in Enhancing Word Power in English Language among Teacher Trainees

M Varalakshmi


7. Rural Human Resource and Rural Development Planning in Satara District: A Geographical Analysis

Rathod S.B.


8. NEP 2020: Making India as A Vibrant Knowledge Society

S. A. N. Shazuli Ibrahim


9. Distribution and Diversity of Waterhole Wildlife Census in District Dungarpur from 2012 to 2020: A Survey Report

Yogita Ninama


10. Dhondiawagh and His Anti-British Resistance in Northern Karnataka - A Study

Mallikarjuna S A


11. A Study of Human Resources on Satisfaction – With Special Reference to KSRTC

Lawrence Prasanna A



Manoj Kumar


13. Botany and Women: The Role of Gender in Biodiversity Management and Indigenous Knowledge

Mansi Chaturvedi


14. Digital Marketing on Adult Buying Behavior at Reliance Smart Bazar in Hyderabad

K. Harish Reddy and Ganji Suresh Kumar


15. A Study of Women’s Struggle in Shashi Deshpande’s That Long Silence

Nidhi Vyas


16. Enhancing the Quality of Teaching-Learning Process in Higher Education Through Integration of ICT

Ramesh B and Kavitha B


17. Exploring the Complexities of Human Behaviour: Effort, Incentives, and the Role of Perception, An Experimental Study

Ravi and Ujjwal Katiyar


18. Nutritive Contents of Some Medicinal Tree Species Growing in Nagaur District of Rajasthan

Renu Bansal, B.B.S. Kapoor and Basant Bais


19. The Evolving Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education: The Past, Present and Future

Sharbary Banerjee and Dhananjoy Sarkar


20. Accident Detection System

Rahul Shamra, Prakhar Pawecha and Ishan Juneja


21. A Study of Talent Management with Theoretical Approach

Kannika D


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