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Articles of Volume11 Issue8(6) 2022

1. Tagore and His Geo-Friendly Literature: With Special Reference to His Three Essays

Dipankar Chakrabarti


2. Impact of the MGNREGS on the Living Conditions of Scheduled Caste Households

Chintalacheruvu Joyce and K. Madhu Babu


3. Conservation, Preservation and Protective Measures of Documents and Books in Academic Library

Aparajita Sharma


4. Russia and Ukraine Disputes

B. Padmavathi Bai


5. An Analysis of Recent Developments in the Field of Topical Antifungal Formulation Strategies

B. Srujan Reddy and Ananda Kumar Chettupalli


6. Effects of Russia Ukraine War on Indian Trade and Polity

B. Gopal Naik


7. Juxtaposing the Relevancy of Camus’ the Plague with Covid-19 Pandemic

Bilal Ahmad and Javid Ahmad Dar


8. Educational Status of Scheduled Tribes in India: Issues and Challenges

Dipankar Biswas


9. The Bodo Language in Identity Construction: Elucidating the Development of Cultural, Grammatical, and Ethnic Identities of Bodo Tribe in Assam, India

Louis Mushary


10. A Statistical Study on Public Library Users of District Central Library in Tirunelveli

R. Sasikumar and J. Josephine Infanta Levinya


11. Review Of Global Climate Emergency -Deliberation for Next Generation

Hena Siddiqui


12. Studies on Controlled Synthesis of Conducting Polymers inside Hydrogel Network

Zinat Saudi and Irfan Ahmad Mir


13. Designing a Time-Based Single-Axis Solar Tracking System for Off-Grid Domestic Islanded Solar PV Systems (With Monitoring of Parameters that Can Affect the Panel Output)

Vivek Kumar Shaw


14. A Comparative Study on the Ecological Significance of Temple Ponds in the Indian State of Kerala

Suresh Babu. M.N., Priyanka Das and Alok Kumar Srivastav


15. Assessment of Health Workers' Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Regarding Biomedical Waste Disposal During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Jhansi City of U.P

Robin Joseph


16. India's Russian Policy and Its Implication: An Analytical Study

B. Ravi Kumar


17. The Local Exchange Net Works at Chavakkad in Historical Outline

Jibi Jose P.


18. An Evolution of Panchayati Raj Institution - Its Features and Composition

Jatti Rajendar


19. Information Technology Related Measures for Control of Circumambient Air Pollution

Kurian M. J and Shaju Varghese


20. History and Historical Literature: A Study Through Point of Affinity Since the Renaissance

Dipankar Chakrabarti


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