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Articles of Volume11 Issue8(2) 2022

1. Schrödinger Equations with Shifting Boundary Conditions that are Exactly Solvable

Tapas Kumar Jana



Ajay Kumar Mourya


3. Behavioural Study of Stray (Street) Dog’s in Lucknow City, Uttar Pradesh

Monika Airy and Newton Paul


4. DDoS Attack Detection Using Supervised Machine Learning

Mohammad Edres Ansary and Preeti Sondhi


5. Does Consumer Behaviour Shift during the Initial & Post Covid-19 Wave? An Analysis Over Sectors

Mahima Yadav


6. Hill Tourism in Tamil Nadu – An Overview

T. Prabha


7. A Socio-Moral Overview on Selected Works of William Makepeace Thackeray

Amit Kumar Sharma and B. K. Sharma



Amrutha Bharathi and S.P. Dwivedi


9. Contemplating the Witchcraft Beliefs and Witch-Hunting Practice among the Rabha Community in Assam

Asif Khan and K.M. Baharul Islam


10. Dalit Empowerment and the Reservation System in India: A Critical Analysis

Balaram Karan


11. Structural Behavior of Building for Different Shape Such as Regular Building along with L- Shape and I- Shape

Bhawendra Nath Yogi and M.P Verma


12. Human Right Violation on Students Over the Internet: A Data Analytical Study

Bisme Benny, Prathibha P. H and Manusankar C



Sitaram Bairava


14. Effect of Seismic Forces (Dynamic Analysis) on the High-Rise Structures

Akash Sharma and Surendra Ahirwar


15. Disaster Management and Response Mechanism in the State of Uttarakhand, India

Monika Gupta Aggarwal


16. Impact of Digital Marketing on Adult Buying Behavior at Big Bazaar in Hyderabad



17. Kinetics and Mechanism of Cadium Catalyzed Ligand Substitution Reaction

Anupma Singh and R.M. Naik


18. Agrarian Condition of Malabar, In Mid Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

Anitha. M


19. Features of Agrestic Slavery in Colonial Malabar

Pushpalatha K


20. Reliability Analysis of Electric Power Substation 33/11 Kv, Supaul

Sitesh Anand and Dipankar Bose


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