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Articles of Volume11 Issue8(1) 2022

1. Fintech Gender Gap in India: A Bird’s Eye-View

Nandini Sengupta


2. Is Vasubandhu an Idealist? With Reference to the Text “Vijnapatimatratasiddhi”

Aamir Riyaz


3. Industrial Relations and Globlization in India

Madhu Babu Kavala


4. Role of Legal Awareness to Develop of the Women

Mylabathula Chithra Bhanu


5. The Prevalence of Shoulder Pain in Physiotherapist due to Long Day Practice

Ridhima Nagar and Danish Nouman


6. Goals for Sustainable Development

Anjali Srivastav and Shalini Kapur


7. The Significance of Temples during the Vijayanagara Dynasty

K. Gopi Naik


8. Scope for Adventure Tourism in Tamil Nadu

Sofia Rashida. M


9. Legal Interventions and their Impact on Juvenile Delinquency

N. Ganalakshmi


10. Problem Faced by Secondary School Teachers in Conducting Online Classes during the Covid 19 Pandemic: A Study in Assam, India with Special Reference to Darrang District

Alpana Das and Jonali Chetia


11. Survey on Recommendation System Using Deep Learning Algorithms

Dipan Samadder and Preeti Sondhi


12. Is Technology Enough to Solve Our Environment Crisis?

Nidhi Maurya


13. Understanding the Fundamental Purpose of Evolution in Urban Land Uses: Insights from Central Bengaluru, India

Sreesha S Bhat


14. A Systematic Review on Gallup’s Employee Engagement Statistics

Silpa Mulumudi and Suja S Nair


15. A Critical Analysis of the Selected Poems Extracted from Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali

Sreehari. S. V



Sakharam Mujalde And Sailesh Hirvey


17. Educational Thoughts of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on Teaching Profession

Koushik Bar and Alik Kumar Mondal


18. The Role of Metro Rail Connectivity in Promoting the Social and Economic Growth of Kanpur

Sabina R Bodra


19. Gig Workers and the Social Security Challenges

Nandini Sengupta



Kamal Prajna


21. A Study on Employees Performance Appraisal in Covent Informatics Pvt Ltd Hyderabad

Suhasini Palle


22. Awareness of Green Finance Among The Youth of Hyderabad City

Vejandla Venkata Ramakrishnam Raju


23. A Study of Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Marketing in Indian Perspective

Khatijatul Kubra


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