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Articles of Volume10 Issue11(6) 2021

1. Revisiting Gandhian Understanding on Euthanasia: A Holistic Perspective

Richa Kela


2. Role of Household Industries in Self-Employment Development- A Study on Haora District, West Bengal, India

Utpal Khara and Kanan Chatterjee


3. A Retrospective Study of Abhyanga and Janubasti with Bala Taila in the Management of Sandhigatavata with Special Reference to Janusandhi

Bidave Ashwini Ashok, Nakade Mamata Mahadevrao and Kulkarni Prasad Narhari


4. A Study of Sex Ratio- A Geographical Appearances of Karnataka

Muniraja D H


5. Impact of Colors on Brand Association of Popular Brands

Ruchika Sharma


6. Ayurvedic Management of Urdhwag Amlapitta: A Clinical Study

Panchal Krupali Dipak, Nakade Mamta Mahadevrao and Ganbote Prashant Dilip


7. Studies on Fish Preservation Methods of Mega Aqua Food Park, Tundurru, West Godavari Dt

P. Y. V. Satyanarayana and K. S. S. V. N. Lakshmi


8. The Rhetoric of Choreography in Mohiniyattam

Methil Devika


9. Implementing and Evaluation of Synthesis System for Building Indian Accent Text-To-Speech Voice Model

Chevella Anil Kumar and Kancharla Anitha Sheela


10. Patterns of Strategy Use and Self-Regulation Conduct after Self-Regulated Learning Strategy Instruction Program (SRLSIP): A Qualitative Study

Aman Deep


11. Old Age Home for the Elderly: A Study of Old Age Home in Faridabad District, Haryana, India

Neeraj and Ramesh Kumar Bhardwaj


12. Profile of Tourists’ Visited during in Andhra Pradesh: A Comparative Study of Guntur and Krishna Districts of Andhra Pradesh

V. Vijaya Kumar



Vikranth Sarma


14. Challenges in Grass-Root Politics: A Study of a Tribal Village in Arunachal Pradesh

Millo Seema


15. Assessment of Guidance Needs of the Social Welfare Residential School Students

J. Nagabhooshanam


16. Dominion Attitude Toward Nature in Western Judeo-Christian Tradition

Richa Kela


17. Women Entrepreneurship in India: A Study on the Progress of Indian Women Entrepreneurs in the Global Context

Divyani Datta


18. Emotional Stability among Tribal and Non-Tribal Students: An Empirical Study

Manjula Kumari and MD Intekhabur Rahman


19. Aggressive Behaviour among Working and Nonworking Women Experiencing Domestic Violence

Pratibha Singh and Pratibha Vardhan



Ravender Singh



Sikha Benageer


22. Constraints in Production of Grapes: A Study among the Grapes Cultivators in Theni District, Tamil Nadu

K. Ramya and T. Jeyanthi Vijayarani


23. Evaluation of Crop Losses Due to Diseases and the Economic Benefits of Employing a Control Strategies in Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh)

Manu Vineet Sharma, Hem Chander and Susheel Kumar


24. Health Awareness among Secondary School Children with Respect to Gender and Management

Sri Hari Vangara



Nagharshini. Aru


26. Yoga & Diet to Prevent Depression: A Review

Saloni Jadhav, Mrunmayee Dixit and Geeta Dharmatti


27. An Exploratory Study to Assess the Knowledge of Mothers Regarding Impact of Internet on Children in a Selected School, Ludhiana, Punjab

Neha John


28. Irrigation and Growth of Agriculture in Andhra Pradesh

Meenakshi Puvvada


29. Status of Women: A Historical Perspective

B.N. Sureka


30. Female Teenager’s Education in India: A Socio-Historical Analysis

Girija and Sarvodaya S.S


31. The Impact of TPACL Application Suite on Technological Proficiency of Pre-Service Teachers in Medchal-Malkajgiri District of Telengana State

Sayam Deepathi


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